Hello, my name is

Lauren Kreul

Digital Marketer

About Me

I am a graduating senior at Gonzaga University with a major in marketing and a minor in digital marketing. I strive to pursue a career that highlights my creativity and dedicated work ethic, while fueling my passion for collaborating with others. I am currently searching for an entry-level digital or social media position in the Los Angeles, CA area.

My Background

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I have loved growing up in the Pacific Northwest, and even though I am not the biggest outdoorsy person, I still greatly appreciate the beautiful nature and seasons the state has to offer. I have grown up playing most sports in existence, and I love being a part of a team. This is in part because I am a very social person and I love being in other people’s company. I am very passionate about traveling, and I got to spend the first semester of my junior year of college in Florence, Italy. These four months heavily influenced my perspectives and beliefs and showed me that there is so much to see and experience.¬†


Microsoft PowerPoint
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Excel
Interpersonal Skills

My Experience

May 2023- August 20234

USI Insurance Services

Sales and Marketing Intern

I enhanced Insurance producers' LinkedIn profiles, boosting networking and new business acquisition. Using Canva and Adobe Illustrator, I created impactful infographics for optimizing profiles. I streamlined prospect allocation for Casualty & Property producers, aiding sales objectives. Through PowerPoint presentations, I instilled professionalism in the team. Mastering CRM systems and B2B marketing, I improved operational efficiency. Strong communication and collaboration with industry executives contributed to team success.

May 2022- August 2022


Sales Associate

Thriving in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, I honed my speaking and communication skills. I consistently maintained extensive product knowledge across diverse seasons. Proficient in personalized customer styling, I enhanced individual style and confidence. Managing cash register operations, I processed sales, returns, and exchanges. Upholding company standards, my positive attitude and upbeat personality contributed to maintaining high morale. Additionally, I handled the assignment, update, and management of SKU numbers for new and existing products, playing a role in meeting and exceeding monthly sales goals and KPIs.

November 2018- August 2021

K Banana 

Sales Associate

I cultivated enduring client relationships by delivering exceptional customer service, showcasing my expertise in various Korean skin and haircare products. My excellent presentation skills were evident in effectively demonstrating the usage of beauty products. I personalized skincare routines tailored to customers' specific skin types and concerns. With strong interpersonal skills, I fostered positive connections with clients. Furthermore, I established enduring vendor relationships by consistently achieving successful sales goals.